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Reusable water bottles – The Perfect Christmas Gift?

With Christmas fast approaching, many of us are getting into the festive spirit and buying presents to put under the tree, but nothing puts a dampener on holiday cheer like struggling to find gifts for your friends and family. Hippo Bottles are here to tell you why a...

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Why a Hippo bottle is the ultimate winter accessory

Hot drinks are perfect when the temperature drops, but with little chance of popping into a café to enjoy a cuppa at the moment, the festive season is looking a little chillier this year. And while winter walks in the park are made all the better with a hot chocolate...

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Surprising reasons to choose a steel water bottle

Single-use plastic has become a major issue worldwide, with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation predicting that by 2050 the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish. The issue is being exacerbated by the global increase in plastic bottle usage with a million...

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Why should you make the swap to a reusable water bottle?

We're often told that one of the easiest eco swaps we can make is to stop using single-use plastic bottles in favour of a more sustainable, reusable water bottle. There is an endless list of reasons why reusable bottles are superior to their plastic counterparts, but...

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How long can you reuse a plastic water bottle?

For those eco-conscious buyers out there, the idea of a single-use plastic bottle isn't ideal. You may even wish to reuse it, but do you know the risks involved? Let's breakdown how many times you can reuse a plastic water bottle and explore some safer alternatives....

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How to clean your stainless steel water bottle

Making the switch to an eco-friendly water bottle is a fantastic choice. Not only do they save you money on buying drinks, but they can also help reduce the amount of single-use plastic heading to landfill and help you stay hydrated. However, do you know how to clean...

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How insulated bottles can be useful for more than just water

Whether you're braving the early morning commute, heading for an adventure in the hills or pushing yourself to the max at your sport of choice, your water bottle should be close at hand. Whatever your drink of choice when you're on the go, Hippo Bottles will keep you...

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Refill it, don’t bin it!

Plastic is absolutely everywhere. From items like your clothing, cosmetic products, shampoo even to the lining of your coffee cup! It is a commodity that seems to have infiltrated every corner of our lives. We’ll be discussing some facts about plastic pollution and...

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Water Works – The Benefits of Drinking Water

The information regarding water intake varies, with the most popular suggestions saying you should drink eight glasses of water which equates to about two litres a day! But when you think about it, drinking enough water can only be a good thing - helping you look and...

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